Storage, Filing and Archiving Solutions

1. Storage and filing Systems

We provide automatic and mobile storage solutions “keys in hand”, by taking direct care of the realization and installation of input/output peripherals, stacker cranes, static supporting structures and management systems.

With over twenty years' experience we now provide a state-of the art reality oriented to the customer's best satisfaction. Thanks to a wide range of products, whereas automatic storage systems and vertical storage systems are the main items. Our solutions can face and solve the most various warehousing problems.

Flexibility, listening capability and the certainly that the success of a project is all the more favored the closer the cooperation between customer and supplier, allow us to be the ideal partner for small and medium size companies as well as for large organizations.

2. Archiving Solutions

As the leading specialist supplier of digital and analog storage systems, we offer state-of-the-art scanning technologies: scanners (book scanners, overhead scanners, large-format scanners, color scanners, gray-scale scanners, microfilm scanners), book copiers, book cradles, scanning tables, microfilm plotters, microfilm exposure systems, microfilm cameras, as well as capturing and editing software and software solutions such as document delivery software, quality analysis software, and workflow software.