Banking Technologies

1. Cash Handling Solutions

With a wealth of experience in cash counting & management systems for major retailers and banking institutions throughout the Region, We specialize in tailored solutions and will recommend a package that will maximize the use of resources and minimize overhead lost to daily cash operations.

The combination of our suppliers’ advanced technology and our industry and markets’ knowledge ensures that our solutions make cash handling easy and economically viable.

A- Banknote Solutions

Our banknote product range include highly versatile machines and offers a wide selection of functions for counting, sorting and identifying damaged and counterfeit bank notes

Counterfeit Detectors

Ultraviolet and Infrared viewing detectors which are intended for visual authenticity control of banknotes and cheques. While everything points to an increase in this sort of problem. Let us help you fight the counterfeit problems!

Currency Counters/Sorters

We pride ourselves on our innovation and technical development to bring products to market that make people and businesses more efficient and productive. This saves time and money and lets people do other tasks more directly related to their business.

Banknote Central Processing systems

High-quality banknote sorting systems that are able to meet the highest demands of every type of cash centers. The systems for processing, sorting and assessing the authenticity and condition of banknotes are continually adapted to meet market demands and security requirements

Packaging Equipment

Following the counting, sorting and inspection of the banknotes the bundles need to be held together securely. We offer a fine range of equipment for the following special applications: The Bundling machine bundles piles of banknotes with paper band ready for unit packages of 10 bundles for transportation, storage and easy handling. To make the unit packages we offer different types of Strapping machines. Extra security (tampering, moisture etc.) can be reached by Vacuuming or heat-Shrinking.

Banknote Destruction Systems

We offer a range of flexible solutions for the fully-automated and secure destruction, conveying and collection of unfit banknotes and secure documents. Each system is designed and built to meet your precise needs; demonstrating a flexible workflow design and configuration, ensuring operational security and providing total confidence in secure note destruction.

B- Coin Handling Solutions

We offer a variety of different coin solutions. They count, verify and bag coins or tokens. Our products are well known for its world-leading sensor technology to identify foreign, damaged or counterfeit coins.

Our range of coin handling equipment has a very simple aim: Help our customers handle large volumes of loose coins in an efficient, secure and ergonomic manner. It's as simple as that.
Our range of equipment for this type of operation consist of a number of modules with different options - all to ensure that the solution we offer is perfect for your needs.

Coin Counters

Coin counters verify and count the number of coins or tokens, this type of machines work with a manual setting to identify the thickness and diameter of the coin. None conform coins, counterfeits or damaged coins are off-sorted.

Value Counters

Value counters quickly count the value of mixed coins, without separating them. In effect, it is a coin counter, but with the additional feature of giving you the value of the batch. The patented electronic sensor technology ensures the highest possible counting accuracy.

Coin Sorters

Coin sorters count, sort, verify and bag coins or tokens. Our coin sorters give you the freedom of counting and sorting several different currencies at the same time. All coin sorters include the unique electronic counting sensor technology and some also contain the patented Active Sorting® technology, which means that the machine carries on working even when a bag is full

Coin Conveyor Systems

In large cash center operations where the coin volume often is very high, it is vital to have efficient systems. Since the environment traditionally is noisy, rough and full of heavy lifting, a lot can be done to relieve your staff and increase security, accuracy and efficiency.

Coin Packaging equipment

When the coins have been verified, counted and maybe sorted you have the option to package them. For most businesses the coins are easier to handle if packaged - either in rolls, sachets or boxes.

Verifying equipment

Sometimes you need that extra verification after handling your coins. A checkweigher system is an easy solution to make sure your packages contain what they should, and also mark them properly

2. Cheques’ Technologies

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), a technology invented in the 1950s has allowed financial institutions to streamline their cheque processing. The characters are printed with special MICR Fonts and are known as MICR Characters, which must be printed with MICR Toner or MICR Ink. It is the combination of Toner and Fonts that create the machine readable MICR line.

We provide banks with the technology to process cheques at a rate that is more reliable than any other technology. It also includes guidelines to ensure production of consistently readable MICR characters.

Cheque Book Production Systems

The cheque book dispenser is designed specifically for the production of cheques/cheque books from cheques “blanks” containing all background and non-variable information; all variable information being provided

Self-Service Cheque Book Printers

Self-service equipment developed to be installed in the lobby of the banks. The customer inserts his card and, following simple instructions, can obtain a single cheque or a cheque book.

Loose Cheques Printing Solutions

We offer application software, security printing hardware and specialized consumables for securely printing cheques, money orders, transcripts, prescriptions and other important documents. Our solutions are used by small and medium size businesses as well as large enterprises and governmental organizations to manage fraud, operational risk and comply with government regulations related to protecting information privacy.

Cheques’ Processing Systems

An advanced modular system with high performance created to process several kinds of documents, such as bank cheques, payment vouchers, postal payment forms, restaurant tickets, coupons, etc. It can automatically feed, read, encode, cancel, print, scan front/rear, and sort.

Cheques & Magnetic Cards Readers

An easy-to-use product that combines affordability and reliability with high quality and performance.
A magnetic cheque and card reader that can adapt to a variety of applications, enabling retail and financial transactions to reduce fraud, increase clerk efficiency, as well as enhance customer services.

Cheque Scanners

Designed to simplify the processing of cheques and other documents at the point of presentation.
This unique reader scanner is the logical development to provide the functionality and performance normally found in devices too big for modern teller positions in a unit with a small footprint.

Electronic Cheque Writers

Embossed printing to reduce risk of alteration. Currency codes, commas, decimal point and the other marks can be configured according to the users' needs beforehand. It's an ideal solution for not only commercial but also personal use.