Office Automation

1. Card Printing Solutions

Our Card Solutions focus on the needs of the card personalization industry. We provide solutions for card personalization, secure identity, smart card manufacturing, wafer handling & embedding, and a whole host of card printing and embossing solutions. From desktop thermal printing to a complete high-volume EMV solution we answer the needs of our customers - big or small by achieving leadership in the cost per card and ownership arenas ... where it counts the most.

2. Digital Printing Solutions

The faster you can get things done, the more efficient the workday can be. That’s the simple idea behind our powerful Managed Print Solutions (MPS). We offer businesses of all types a fully customized print management program. With proprietary software and hardware, and in partnership with a select group of proven solutions providers, we offer company directors and IT managers integrated solutions tailored specifically for their unique requirements.

Need a highly secure system for financial, government or healthcare sectors? We can provide it. Need a versatile system for education, retail or a fast-moving SME? Done.
We provide a reliable MPS systems and solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflow to produce professional results, while allowing you firm control of costs.
What do you demand of your business solution? It’s time to demand more. It’s time to demand us.

3. Form Handling, Folding and inserting machines

Our high performance mail finishing solutions offer a unique combination of productivity, flexibility and integrity. From filling envelopes and collating content to personalization and postage, we help you with all aspects of mail preparation.

4. Shredders and Balling Presses

Our products will make office life more secure, more efficient and easier. Amongst our wide range of document shredders and cutting machines you will find the right machine for your requirements in any size.

We offers a large family of various document shredders, each one precisely tailored to a specific requirement. Whether for home offices, work offices, IT departments of professional document shredding. The only thing that never changes is the first-class quality of our high-end machines which are “Made in Germany”

5. Time Stamp Machines

We offer Time and date stamp machines that are the most reliable and advanced devices of their class. With high precision and reliable time stamp and time recording devices, time stamp offers more convenient and versatile features than ever with various print formats and numbering, and a large window for positioning the document or material to be printed. It can be applied to every business situation you want to record time.