Security Solutions

1. Burglary and fire protection

Tested high-quality products for the protection of all kinds of valuables and data against burglary, fire and other possible threats. Offering of bank technical security products includes:

  • Safes- Fire and Burglary resistant
  • Data safes
  • Fire safes
  • Fire Resistant Cabinets
  • Strong rooms
  • Bank Vaults
  • Vault doors
  • Security Doors- Fire and Burglary resistant
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Teller Safes
2. Data Centers

proRZ is an independent planning and designing company of IT security solutions being well-known for the supply of quality and expert knowledge of data centres and safety provisions. Comprehensive consulting is of utmost priority. proRZ supplies project control, support and services for all technical and organizational aspects of Data Centers focusing on customized solutions and specialist know-how. proRZ supports customers planning server rooms and/or Data Centers specializing on any kind and furthermore implements modernizations of existing infrastructures also for new constructions and buildings.

3. Signature Capture Pads

Pads include standard, LCD, fingerprint, MSR, and more for every application. From space saving desktop use to sleek, portable devices, these models show the signature on the computer screen, on the signature pad or both.

4. Security Seals & Re-Usable Security Packaging

Re-usable security packaging has been developed to replace single use bags and envelopes offering safer dispatch. Equipped with an integral security chamber, our range offers you a high level of tamper evident protection for the secure transportation or storage of a wide variety of items of different sizes.

The Seals range includes a combination of indicative, barrier and innovative re-usable security seals and caters for all security requirements. All seals leave our factories with a unique serial number that is recorded by us and kept for seven years to ensure authenticity and full traceability, providing customers with guaranteed source of supply.